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Freedom in Christ

When I think of summer, I think of red, white and blue!  People all over are proudly flying the American flag on their homes as they commemorate Independence Day, July 4th.  I love American history.  I am so thankful that there are men and women who are literally willing to lay down their lives for our freedoms.  Actually one of my biggest regrets in life is not serving in the military.
I love to think back and to read about the revolutionary war.  The spirit of the men who fought to win their freedom and the freedom of their friends and families is so inspiring to me.  Recently, I started doing some research on ancestry.com to find out who my ancestors are.  I was able to trace the Allen name back for many generations, all the way to the Revolutionary war period.  I discovered that one of my great, great, great, (etc.) grandfathers was a man named Isaac Allen.  Isaac fought alongside George Rogers Clark as part of the Illinois Campaign, or “The Conquest of the Illinois”.  I have always been a patriotic person who believes in the constitution and believes in the Biblical principles that our nation was founded upon.  Discovering this information only strengthened that belief.  We hear it often, but it became very real to me that our freedom is not free.  Sacrifice is the ultimate display of love.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”                                – John 15:13 (ESV)

As we reflect on the sacrifice that so many men have made on our behalf this Independence Day, we should also remember another sacrifice that was made on our behalf.  Jesus Christ laid down his life for all of mankind so that we could have freedom.  Freedom from guilt and shame.  Freedom from the bondage of sin.  Freedom from death, the grave, and hell itself.  It was, in fact, the greatest display of love the world has ever, or will ever, know.  What are you willing to lay down so that others may know Jesus and His grace?

Mike Allen

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