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Jesus is Greater than Sin – I John 1-2:2

I have known a few preachers in my life, my Dad being one, who had a quick wit and a somewhat smart tone.  This often comes out when they are are asked about the subject of an upcoming sermon.  I have often heard them reply with that smart tone and one word, ‘sin’.  I am not sure that is the case so much anymore.  ‘Sin’ is not a word we hear or use much in our culture.  It certainly is not politically correct and doesn’t much help you ‘win friends and influence people’.  But why is that the case?  It’s not like some of us sin and some of us don’t.  Sin is a universal problem.  Some of us admit it and some of us try to hide it.  Some are trying to eliminate sin and some are content to wallow in it.  John makes it perfectly clear in I John 1:10, “If we claim we have not sinned, we make him (God) out to be a liar and His word is not in us”.
John ought to know what it means to have ‘His word in us’ because he spends the first part of this chapter reminding us that he is an eyewitness to God’s Son, Jesus, whom he also called the Word.  It was the time he spent with Jesus that changed John’s life to the point that he was known as the ‘Disciple of Love’ instead of a ‘Son of Thunder’.  It was walking in the light, with Jesus, that allowed John to walk in the light, instead of the darkness of sin.  John says this also makes it possible for the blood of Jesus to purify him, and us, from all sin.  Not only does Jesus purify us from our sin, when we confess, he also forgives us of our sins.
What great power John is striving to describe in Jesus, power that can remove the stain of sin from us.  However, he has not yet reached the climax, that comes at the beginning of the next chapter, when John makes it even more personal.  He reminds us that the goal becomes that we are ‘sin-free’.  When we fail to reach this goal what happens?  The very one who has removed our previous sins from us, stands up (advocates) for us with the Father.  Jesus doesn’t say, “I have covered enough of your sin and I won’t cover any more.”  He stands up for us with the Father and says, “I paid the price”.
The power over sin is His!  Praise God!  Praise Jesus!  Praise the Holy Spirit!  We could not have a better advocate.

David Eversole

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