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Jesus is Greater Than Circumstances – Genesis 40

Have I been a good enough example? Have I ignored those needing my help? Have I lusted when I should have been obedient. This runs though my mind when my body is having difficulty. Jesus is great as Tommy reminds us and as we see it in our daily lives.
On December 16, 2015, I started an eight day hospital stay, being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre. On December 23, feeling like I was 50 again, I went with my grandsons to the Great Wolf Lodge for a few days of water park fun. I went back to the hospital on February 24 for another 5 days with the same disease. Then again in April, I had the same symptoms.
In December it took two MRI’s, an EKG, one special doctor, and a lot of prayer from Tates Creek to come up with what this virus was. In February, the doctor could not believe it came back and in April they thought it was something else. I couldn’t lift my arms above forty inches off the floor, I had no feeling in my hands, and I could barely walk which led to falling at church. Eating was difficult in that I could not hold the utensils. Food had to be sandwiches or soup. The first day in the hospital, they brought me biscuits, gravy, and eggs. All I could do was look at it. Don Seevers had to take the paper off my straw for me so I was able to drink. Those simple things, that we think are easy, were taken away until Jesus saw the difficulty and fixed the problem. Only 2-3% of the 20,000 people per year ever have this virus re-occur. Since our return from England, I have been put on a monthly infusion until this virus is completely out of my system.
As circumstances that are out of our control happen in our lives, we can be sure to know that Jesus is greater. He will provide the things we need, when we need them.

Larry Hitchner

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