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Senior Saints Update

I want to remind you that we have several things coming up on our schedule of events for the senior adult populace here at Tates Creek. One I would like to let you know about will be a discussion on seniors and technology. This will be at an upcoming BWAC meeting where I will be demonstrating some of the current technological advances. Often times these intimidate older adults but also offer advantages to many. One of those is what’s known as “Cutting the Cable,” or getting rid of high cost cable or satellite but still having access to many of your favorite TV shows. I would invite all our seniors to join us for this monthly meeting, particularly for this program. Also coming up in the very near future is our annual trek down to Senior Saints in the Smokies. June 6-10 is the date and its not too late to register and sign on for this great time of fellowship and encouragement. Be watching also for our late summer trip to see the Noah’s Ark replica. If anyone has any questions about these or any other opportunities for our seniors, please contact me here at the church. We have a great group and a rich fellowship. It would be even richer to have you join us!

Kim Beckwith

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