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My First Mission Trip

I had no idea what I was in for while our bus drove through Larned, Kansas. I was starting to think this trip would be boring as I looked at the view of the same landscape for nearly two hours. I had been a part of the youth group for 6 years and it was the first chance I had to leave Kentucky for mission work. I was excited for the new experience but also nervous that the trip would be a bust.

When we finally arrived in Dodge City, Kansas, we started to set up everything we needed inside a local church. Our mission sounded like a very simple one, host a VBS for the children who lived in the area. Our youth group made it more of a success than I thought it would be. We split up jobs, some doing crafts or playing games with the kids, some were team leaders who would lead a group to their next activity, and I would tell the children stories of the Bible. Each day became more fun than the last, the group loved the kids and we couldn’t get enough time with them.

The people of Dodge City were quickly changing from strangers to great friends. The trip taught me what compassion really was, as I watched my friends Darius and Brittany crying as they hugged children goodbye. I could see how much they cared for these kids and how much these kids cared for us after only a week together. We love Dodge City, Kansas, and while it may only be a tiny speck on the map to others, to us, it is an amazing memory.

Adam Johnson

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