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Restoration 200

Have you heard about the enormous sale? A large warehouse displayed the bargains. Satan downsized shedding his unneeded inventory. He sold excess devices no longer needed to block the the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.
One entire wall displayed various weapons: bombs, guns, poisons, knives of all sorts. He filled endless cabinets with addictive substances: medications, illegal hallucinogenic drugs, and the ever popular intoxicants in stylish bottles. In the center stood enticing cabinets to allure the vulnerable: pornographic magazines, books, videos, etc. He offered furniture and appliances: easy chairs, couches, and beds for the slothful; freezers, refrigerators, etc. for the gluttonous. He sold vaults for the greedy.
Opening day brought a flood of bargain hunters. One customer spied a strange object in the back. “What’s that?” Satan answered, “That is not for sale.” “But what is it?” “Never mind, I’m keeping that.” “Fine,” said the customer: “But at least tell me what it is.” “That, sir, is my wedge. I use it to separate these pesky Christians. I drive it between them. Sometimes they turn on each other; sometimes they simply back away, keeping distance. As long as I can keep the church divided, I need no other weapon to keep people from the Christ.”
Conflicts between believers bring scandal to the message of the Christ. Fracturing the body of Christ renders the message ineffective. We deserve to be ignored. Division is a luxury today’s church cannot afford.
Of course, we must stand up for sound doctrine. However, who chooses what is sound and what is optional? Light cannot have fellowship with darkness. How can two walk together unless they are agreed? Is it possible that someone else could be just as intelligent and sincere (or more so) as I am, yet, hold a different understanding?
Shortly before Calvary, Jesus prayed for future generations. He did not pray that we would be successful, talented, happy, or even healthy. He prayed that we would all be one, united in perfect unity. The result is that others will be won…. drawn to the Christ. “That they all be one so that the world will be won.” Unity is a doctrine, too.
The movement resulting in Christian Churches, such as ours, began over 200 years ago in Kentucky. Our movement began as a unity movement. Since then, our witness has gone to 199 nations with about 10 million believers.

Brad Walden

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