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Senior Adults Update

As I write this article, we are just a few weeks past our Pairs and Spares Banquet and I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who worked so hard to make this event possible. If I began to name them individually I would certainly forget to mention someone, so let me just say I am so very thankful for the many hands and hearts that were lent to see that everything was accomplished in such a superb way. I want to thank those who helped plan the event and decorate, as much time was given to these tasks. A special thank you goes out to the young adult group which did an extraordinary job in the kitchen, and the college and high school youth who served couldn’t have done a better job. Not only did I appreciate all the help, but it made the evening special for all those attending. So, thanks to all who helped in any way to make this a grand evening for all.
Now, as the warmer weather of these past few weeks has come upon us, I see people getting outside and walking after being cooped up all winter. It seems the older I get the more inactive I become during those cold months of the year. That’s why I am looking forward to getting out and being more mobile again, and I hope all of our senior saints are as well. We have a lot on the calendar for the upcoming spring, summer, and fall that promises rich times of fellowship, fun, and encouragement. This year’s day trips will include a trip to see the Cincinnati Reds play, a return to Renfro Valley, and an exploration of the recreated Noah’s Ark which will soon be open at the Creation Museum. Other events to look forward to are our yearly journey to Senior Saints in the Smokies and our annual fall trip. The dates for the Senior Saints in the Smokies are June 6-10 and this year’s program looks to be both fun and encouraging. Our fall trip this year will be in October and we are planning on journeying to the Charleston, South Carolina area. I hope many will join us for not only these events, but also our monthly Better With Age Club meeting which meets each third Thursday at 10:30 am. See you then!

Kim Beckwith

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