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Multi-Generation Serving

It probably doesn’t take you long when visiting TCCC to realize we have a wide variety of ages. From the youngest attendee being only a few days old to our eldest member breaking the 100 year barrier and every age in between. We are a very blessed congregation! So, what does a church with every generation do to build community? We serve! In fact, it’s what we have learned is the best method to breaking down walls that people put up about personal preferences. When we serve, the focus is no longer about what we want. Instead, it’s about being part of something bigger than each of us.
In the children’s ministry alone we have a wide variety of folks serving each week and month! From middle schoolers to college, young marrieds to young families, and empty nesters to retirees. These people don’t just give up a week at a time to serve the children and young families, but they also give up their seat in classes and pews for others to be fed. They are consistent and committed to making a difference and planting seeds for the next generation. In total, there are more than 150 people serving the birth to college age groups, but there is always room for you to come check it out.
Children’s and Youth Ministry isn’t the only place for multi-generational serving. Andrew Lin and Kent Mason are working together to make a memorial garden at Julius Marks for two children that passed away last fall. This serving has already made a HUGE impression on the children’s mom and grandmother. Each week at Julius Marks and Pit Crew, several adults of all ages (and a couple youth) are involved with Pit Crew and JME tutoring! Recently a group of children partnered with the Hands and Feet Ministry to serve the homeless by delivering scarves to Thoroughbred Park. In the middle of February, a group of young parents mixed with lots of youth, served the seniors at the Pairs and Spares Banquet. Together, each group has shared memories, laughter, and made an impact for the Kingdom!
It is an honor to serve at a church that understands the importance of multi-generational ministry! It leads me to often wonder where God will lead us as all parts of His church body at TCCC join together… TO SERVE!

Matt Lee

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