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The Vine Worship

It has been about a year and a half now since we moved our contemporary worship service from the multi-ministry center down to the main worship center. The multi-ministry center had a lot of great characteristics that were great for the service. The chairs were close together and the room was smaller, so it always seemed sort of like a close-knit community.
The gym had its down sides, too. Volunteers showed up very early each week to set up the backdrop, sound system, and lighting to prepare for later in the morning. And speaking of the sound system, that room is basically a big metal box, so the acoustics were terrible! What a blessing though, to have such a nice place to meet! A roof overhead, conditioned air, and the body of Christ coming together to worship the one true King!
It has been a great blessing to be able to meet in the main worship center as well. There are still pros and cons to the space, but the main thing is still the main thing! We have a place to freely come together and glorify the King of Kings! It is a pleasure to serve and worship alongside the body of believers at Tates Creek Christian Church!

Mike Allen

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