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Orphans Served in a God-Size Way

Everyone loves a great story! When the story involves God doing something BIG for orphans, the story becomes inspiring! So here is the story… In the beginning of January, the Psalm 82:3 Mission team, a team that serves orphans in Liberia and is led by several TCCC members, began a faith journey to bring reliable solar energy to the 18 children and staff while on their trip in June 2016. The total cost for this project, after shipping, would be nearly $21,000.
The first stop for our mission team was to connect with the Tates Creek Mission Ministry team. After sharing the story, a gift of $10,000 was pledged from TCCC in hopes that the team could raise the rest of the $11,000 needed by the end of January (an early deadline was set to give time for the items to be shipped to Liberia). The Psalm 82:3 team put together a video for Facebook and shared it as often as possible. At the end of two weeks, the Facebook page and several visits to churches had resulted in around $1,100 given. With three days left before our end of January deadline, we were about $10,000 short of the goal. Consideration was given to postpone the project, but the decision was made to see what happened in the next three days. Then, it happened! God moved and goals were met. Several gifts of $500 were given, two churches from Indiana gave nearly $4,000, and a foundation in Lexington gave $5,000! The goal was met, but that’s not the end of the story! Over the next two days, a trucking company, with whom we have an indirect contact, gave $2,500, and another church in Lexington gave $500. In the end, the total amount raised was 114% of the goal.
This brings the question from many, what do you do when God provides more than you think you need? In the mission world, this means you better hang on for the ride because God has something planned in a big, big way for the extra money! Stay tuned… this journey is just beginning for the mission team going to Liberia June 6th!

Psalm 82:3 Mission Team

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One thought on “Orphans Served in a God-Size Way

  1. Cheryl on said:

    God is good all the time!!!

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