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Middle School and High School Update

With the new worship schedule at the first of the year, we are now offering Sunday school for High school and Middle school during both the 9:30 and 11 am worship hours. This is a great time to have your student dive into scripture for themselves. Both groups are working through the book of Acts, and by the end of the school year we will have studied through the entire book. It is always inspiring to see how the Holy Spirit worked with the early Church to spread the message of Jesus.
Our High school group meets every Sunday night from 6-8 pm in the high school room. We have food, games, worship, and high school specific teaching. Our Middle school group meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 pm. We also have food, games, and teaching directed at middle school students. These are times for your student to make friends with other peers in church, which is the most important factor in keeping students involved as they grow up.
Don’t miss the camp weeks this summer! Middle school will go to C.I.Y. MIX June 20-24 at Johnson University. The High school will go to Panama City for C.I.Y. MOVE June 26-July 1. These are very important weeks for your student’s spiritual growth, so keep them set aside!

Brad Haggard

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