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A “Thank You” from the Kern Family

(Stefan and Sharon Kern and their four children have lived in the TCCC Mission House since May 2015.)

When my family was starting to talk about returning from Mozambique, where we have been serving as missionaries since 2006, many emotions started cycling through our minds. To say excitement was one of the emotions would have been an understatement! It had been 4 years since our children had experienced anything from America and our youngest was just a baby when we were last stateside. Balancing that “excitement” was the parents’ emotion of dread!! Where will we live? How will we furnish the house? Will we live in a safe section of town? These questions (and many more) are questions many missionaries are faced with when they return to their passport country for a brief period of home assignment. When we left, many of us sold our home and furnishings to set up our “new home” in the country of ministry.

As He always does, the Lord provided….not just sufficiently BUT abundantly through the TCCC Mission House! There are so many details I wouldn’t have space to write about. Everything from the condition of the house, (EXCELLENT) to the furnishings, (BEYOND WHAT WE IMAGINED) and the layout of the house. Just such an answer to prayer! We continue to be humbled by how perfect this house has been for us these 10 months.

As we prepare to return to Mozambique, we can truly say that we are refreshed and energized for the task at hand. There are still over 2,000 people groups with NO ACCESS to the gospel. Our passion is to come alongside the African Church and help equip them as they seek to take God’s Story to cultures that have never heard.

To the community of believers that call Tates Creek Christian Church “home”….thanks for your efforts. Thanks for your sacrificial giving. Thanks for the unique way that you have chosen to steward your finances for the furthering of His Kingdom.

From the bottom of our hearts….Stefan, Sharon, Cohen, Christian, Wesley and Alexandra….we thank you!

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