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The Power of Prayer

“Jesus got up early in the morning, left the house while it was still dark and went to a quiet place to pray.” (Mark 1:35). He loved talking to his Father. We have no greater privilege than the blessing of talking to our Father through Jesus our Savior.
Our Father wants us to talk to him about everything in our lives. He loves us so much that I can see him smile every time we go to him in prayer. He is very interested in everything we have going on in or lives; our family, our marriages, our friends, our church, our struggles, and just every day life.
Sometimes I have down days and I struggle to find the right words to say, but I am so blessed that my friend the Holy Spirit is always ready to help me form my words and my thoughts. If we just trust him, his words are better than ours. He knows us so well because he lives in our hearts, never to leave us.
I really enjoy talking during my prayer time also, sometimes too much. I need to learn to spend more time listening to my Father and waiting for His guidance. But, I am learning to “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm. 46:10), in every situation of life.
Sometimes we become too impatient to wait for God’s answers. We need to learn that His timing is perfect, not ours. And sometimes we don’t receive the answers we want. Again, God knows all about us and what is best for us, so we just need to trust His heart.
We are so blessed to be called sons of God, His people, and His family.

Thank you Father for your never ending love that you give us daily. May we always remember to come to you with thankful hearts and lives. Amen.

Carlletta Carpenter

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