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Preparing for Battle

What will you do when the devil shows up when you least expect it? Will you be ready? Will you run and hide or beg him to leave you alone? Do have the scriptural depth to stand firm against his schemes as he seeks to steal, kill, and destroy? Throughout the last few years the devil has shown his evil face. Through tragedies on the global front, wars, murders, and divorce. He has roared like a lion and dared anyone in any place to come and face him. Will the church respond with one voice, “We won’t go away quietly! We have the Spirit to fight for us! Our God will win every battle! While your weapon is hate, we have LOVE! Bring it on devil, THE CHURCH doesn’t fear you! It is the bride of Christ!!!”
Since the beginning of the school year the elementary kids have been preparing for battle in the Uptown Castle! Together we are learning about the devil’s schemes and the tricks up his sleeve. We have learned that we aren’t challenged to tuck our tails and run, but that we should stand firm. With God on our side and a life of dependence on HIS strength, we can overcome. So far, we have learned that God has provided us with the equipment of Truth, Righteousness, and the Gospel of Peace. These tools can defend, protect, and be used to defeat our opponent. Over the next few months we will continue to learn the other parts of our Armor from Ephesians 6:10-18! Join with us and prepare for battle. The question isn’t will the devil attack, but when. He won’t wait for you to be ready, but our scripture provides us with two secrets. Depend on God’s strength (Ephesians 6:10) and PRAY for one another (Ephesians 6:18)!

I LOVE serving with people that desire to Love the church and serve willingly! When the format for services changed, our team of volunteers in Uptown and Critterland sacrificed and served with flexibility. Thanks to all who serve our kids each week which is more than 100 people on rotation! Instead of losing team members we gained a stronger team and greeters for our youngest families in Critterland!
Thanks to Steve and Tara Waters, Lucas and Jaime Moore, and others that cared enough about the church to put together last month’s Family Friday Movies! Thanks to Jim and Mary Furnish for loving their neighbors and helping us deliver Christmas baskets to 6 families before Christmas! Each of you, and many others are Making a Difference!!!

Matt Lee

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