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A Note from Bob and Kathy Drane, Hopeful Hearts

We have always been grateful for TCCC’s participation in the “Hopeful Hearts Blessings Bags” at Christmas time for orphans in our orphanages in Ukraine.  But as you know the 5 orphanages are now closed in Ukraine as that area, Crimea, is now a part of the Russian Federation.  As the Ukraine door closed, God opened another door.
God has enabled Hopeful Hearts to purchase ten acres of land in Myanmar with funds from selling property in Crimea for the purpose of  building a Hopeful Hearts Children’s Village.  This village is much needed after the cyclone left thousands of children orphaned.  The village will include 10 cottages that will provide homes for 20 children each in a Christian family setting, a church, and five acres for agriculture projects and a dairy operation.  The village will provide homes for a total of 200 children.  We praise God that TCCC has joined with Hopeful Hearts to build one of the 10 cottages in Myanmar.
At Christmas each of us spends a lot of time, effort, and financial resources looking for the ultimate gift for those we love.  The definition of ultimate is “the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.”  For approximately 200 orphaned children in Myanmar, Tates Creek Christian Church has joined with Hopeful Hearts Foundation in providing the “Ultimate” gift.  This gift is not anything wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons but this is a gift of hope, a gift for a future, a gift that will make a lasting impact for a lifetime. . . .it is the gift of a home.  The house that Tates Creek will build will be a safe haven and a place for these children to grow and blossom into all their potential.   It will be a place where the Good News of Jesus will be proclaimed.  On behalf of  approximately 200 children who will call this village home I want to say a big Thank You and Merry Christmas to Tates Creek Christian Church.  Your generosity and heart for orphans will be a blessing to children in Myanmar for years to come.  I am reminded of 1 Peter 4:10.
“God has given gifts to each of you from his great variety of spiritual gifts.  Manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through you.”

Thank you Tates Creek for managing  well what God has given you and for being willing to share it with “the least of these.”

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