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Your Will be Done

Prayer means so much to me.  It’s my time alone with God.  I always know that He is there, just waiting for me to give Him my full attention.  Our Lord wants us to talk to Him one to One.  Sometimes I don’t even ask Him for anything, I just spend time telling Him how great and wonderful He is and thanking Him for His merciful love and goodness.
Many times in my life, I’ve just cried out, “Lord, help me!”.  God knows what is on my heart, even when I cannot put it into words.  Some of the best times are when I say nothing, but listen for God speaking to me.  More often than not, God asks me to “wait and just trust Him”.
I am so blessed to have experienced over and over again how God “fixes things” when I truly “turn it over to Him”.   “His Will” is a far greater solution than I could ever ask or imagine!  I don’t always understand God’s answers, but I try to trust in His wisdom and power to accomplish what is best.  As Jesus asked our Heavenly Father, (as recorded in Matthew 26:39), “Yet not as I will, but as You will”.

~ Beth Kessler

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