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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions– Can they change with time?
I love the Spring!  I love the new life around the world from baby horses being born to new flowers and green grass.  I love the summer!  The heat, the sweat, the swimming pools, camps, and so much more.  I love the fall and the reminder to slow down and see God’s beauty in everything.  Winter and I get along ok.  The kids and I enjoy the snow together, but the shorter days aren’t my favorite.  That’s one reason that I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  It’s this moment tucked in the middle of a long season.  Christmas is a time wrapped in traditions from growing up and making new traditions with our young children.  When I was growing up, Christmas meant making gifts for my siblings like IOU booklets to serve them for the next year.  It meant traveling from grandparents to grandparents after we opened presents at our house on Christmas morning.  For a few years, through college and before children, Christmas was a time of craziness for Terah and me to get everywhere we could to keep people happy in our family.  Then, when Colten was born, the traditions started to become our traditions.  We always woke up at our house on Christmas morning.  We always read the Christmas story before we opened presents.  For the past few years in Lexington though, our Christmas has looked a little different.  We love to cut down a tree together and fill our house with its fresh smell.  The kids love to decorate the tree.  One night each year we take a Christmas light tour around Lexington.  Each year we have the honor of delivering Christmas presents and food to families in need through Julius Marks Elementary.  The Christmas musical is always a highlight for us, but we probably get a little more excited about the after party.  It’s after the musical that we  (along with all of the family that came for the program) load into a van and travel to see the Southern Lights.  It fills my heart with so much joy to watch our kids pointing at lights, laughing, singing songs, dancing, petting strange animals, and waiting to sit on Santa’s lap.
All of these stories bring back special memories, and special emotions are attached to each one.  Each year I hope for the same thing, but it makes me wonder… is it ok if traditions change?  To me, from the lessons I have learned, from the life God has allowed me to experience thus far… the answer is YES!   Every Christmas still has one main thing in common… Jesus!
I love Christmas, because the focus isn’t around what I want or don’t want.  It’s not on traditions and things that have to be… Christmas is about Jesus.  The birth of my savior.  A time to celebrate God’s love for ALL of us.  Jesus brings us together and He is really what we need at Christmas.  In fact He is ALL we need every second of every day.  I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS!

~ Matt Lee

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