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Sermon Outline, January 3, 2016, The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told


 The Pervasiveness of Sin

A.  Sin finds its way into every life.

B.  This must be taken seriously.

The Painfulness of Betrayal

A.  Disloyalty

B.  Dishonor

C.  Desertion

D.  Destitution

The Possibility of Grace

A.  Hosea believed in covenant.

B.  He believed in love.

C.  To believe in both, he needed to believe in forgiveness.



Hopeful Hearts

A Note from Bob and Kathy Drane, Hopeful Hearts

We have always been grateful for TCCC’s participation in the “Hopeful Hearts Blessings Bags” at Christmas time for orphans in our orphanages in Ukraine.  But as you know the 5 orphanages are now closed in Ukraine as that area, Crimea, is now a part of the Russian Federation.  As the Ukraine door closed, God opened another door.
God has enabled Hopeful Hearts to purchase ten acres of land in Myanmar with funds from selling property in Crimea for the purpose of  building a Hopeful Hearts Children’s Village.  This village is much needed after the cyclone left thousands of children orphaned.  The village will include 10 cottages that will provide homes for 20 children each in a Christian family setting, a church, and five acres for agriculture projects and a dairy operation.  The village will provide homes for a total of 200 children.  We praise God that TCCC has joined with Hopeful Hearts to build one of the 10 cottages in Myanmar.
At Christmas each of us spends a lot of time, effort, and financial resources looking for the ultimate gift for those we love.  The definition of ultimate is “the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.”  For approximately 200 orphaned children in Myanmar, Tates Creek Christian Church has joined with Hopeful Hearts Foundation in providing the “Ultimate” gift.  This gift is not anything wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons but this is a gift of hope, a gift for a future, a gift that will make a lasting impact for a lifetime. . . .it is the gift of a home.  The house that Tates Creek will build will be a safe haven and a place for these children to grow and blossom into all their potential.   It will be a place where the Good News of Jesus will be proclaimed.  On behalf of  approximately 200 children who will call this village home I want to say a big Thank You and Merry Christmas to Tates Creek Christian Church.  Your generosity and heart for orphans will be a blessing to children in Myanmar for years to come.  I am reminded of 1 Peter 4:10.
“God has given gifts to each of you from his great variety of spiritual gifts.  Manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through you.”

Thank you Tates Creek for managing  well what God has given you and for being willing to share it with “the least of these.”

Generational Gifts

I love the story of David, “A man after God’s own heart.”  I love reading about the life of David.  He truly was a “Man after God’s own heart.”  However, like all of us today, David fell short.  He messed up and ended up paying the price for his mess.  God said to David in 2 Samuel 12:10-11, “The sword shall never depart from your house, because you have despised Me and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife. Behold, I will raise up evil against you from your own household.”  These verses were the punishment brought to David by God because of his adulterous affair with Bathsheba.

In the next couple chapters of 2 Samuel, we can see this punishment from God begin to unfold.  Amnon, David’s son, falls in love with Tamar, his sister and David’s daughter.  The result was a major feud and bloodshed within the family.  Absalom, David’s oldest son, avenges Tamar and was banished (of the sorts) from Jerusalem.  The mess continues…  All of this because David choose to disobey God rather than walk in the commands that God set before him in the law of Moses.  If David had obeyed God, more than likely none of the family mess would have happened.

Christmas is a time of giving.  We give big gifts, small gifts, expensive, thoughtful, and loving gifts that bless our families.  Physical gifts are great! They are beneficial and show our loved ones that we do love them.  But what if there was an even greater gift?  Something better and longer lasting than a physical gift…  David set his family down a destructive path that tore his family apart for generations.  David didn’t leave his family with the gift of blessings from the Lord.  But we can.  Unlike David, we can set a path for the generations to come to have the blessings of the Lord on our families. What a great gift that would be!

~ Conor Doyle

Your Will be Done

Prayer means so much to me.  It’s my time alone with God.  I always know that He is there, just waiting for me to give Him my full attention.  Our Lord wants us to talk to Him one to One.  Sometimes I don’t even ask Him for anything, I just spend time telling Him how great and wonderful He is and thanking Him for His merciful love and goodness.
Many times in my life, I’ve just cried out, “Lord, help me!”.  God knows what is on my heart, even when I cannot put it into words.  Some of the best times are when I say nothing, but listen for God speaking to me.  More often than not, God asks me to “wait and just trust Him”.
I am so blessed to have experienced over and over again how God “fixes things” when I truly “turn it over to Him”.   “His Will” is a far greater solution than I could ever ask or imagine!  I don’t always understand God’s answers, but I try to trust in His wisdom and power to accomplish what is best.  As Jesus asked our Heavenly Father, (as recorded in Matthew 26:39), “Yet not as I will, but as You will”.

~ Beth Kessler

Sermon Outline, December 27, 2015, “My Spiritual Growth Plan”

My Spiritual Growth Plan           

3 Visions

Mark 12:30                          Love My Team

Mark 12:31                          Love Myself Humbly

Love Others


6 Actions

1 John 1:9                            Cleanse

Mark 1:35                            Communicate

Joshua 1:8                           Saturate

Acts 2:42                              Attend Group(s)

2 Timothy 3:10                   Have a Mentor

Hebrews 10:25                  Enjoy Worship


4 Fruits

1 Corinthians 13:4-7        Love

Psalm 118:24                      Joy

Philippians 4:6-7               Peace

Ephesians 5:18                  Self-Control


2 Goals

Matthew 28:19                 Make Disciples

Matthew 28:20                 Grow Disciples

O Come, Emmanuel

Christmas for most people is a time of great joy and celebration.  I say ‘most people’ because I know firsthand that it is not universally true.  Having worked in nursing homes for many years, I saw many people in our care who suffered much from loneliness, all through the year but especially during the Christmas season.
God knew from the very beginning that it was not good for us to be alone, thus he made a helpmate for Adam.  Together, Adam and Eve worked and helped each other, even if they did get into a little trouble.
God used that trouble to set His plan in motion.  The plan where He, Himself, would come through His Son, to forever cure man’s ‘trouble’ with sin and his suffering from loneliness.  God would be able to fulfill man’s deep desire for connection by offering an eternal relationship with Him.
This plan was announced hundreds of years before through God’s faithful prophets.  The faithful Israelites heard these promises and began to figuratively sing the words of my favorite Christmas song, “O come, O come, Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel, that mourns in lonely exile here until the Son of God appear.  Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.”
Not only would they be rescued, but God would be with them!  That calls for rejoicing!
This is the coming of God that we remember and celebrate at Christmas.  We also can rejoice because we have been rescued by Jesus and Jesus is with us, even today.
God is always faithful to His word.  While Jesus was here he told us of another time when He would come – the end of time as we know it.  At that time, He will establish the true and complete reign of God over all of creation and the new dwelling place of men will be without suffering of any kind because we will be with God.
Do we say today, like the faithful Israelites of old and the Apostle John at the end of Revelation, “Come, Lord Jesus”?

~ David Eversole

Home for Christmas

Our high school fall retreat this year was a joint retreat with three other churches.  Typically we only go with our group, but I have become convicted that unity means we need to share space and energy with other people and churches.  So, we went along with Southside Church of Christ, Southern Acres Christian Church, and Centerpointe Christian Church.  The most amazing thing was that, rather than being a time where groups clashed and competed with each other for territory, the students quickly gelled.  In fact, our students on the trip said that it was the best retreat they had attended precisely because they got to meet students from other groups!
One of the main draws for Christmas is the time we get to spend with family.  Going home, settling in, and feeling whole with the people that have formed us, is the joy that we have during the Christmas season.  This is what is offered to the world in Jesus’ birth.  Through Jesus we all have a brother who is not ashamed to call us family (Hebrews 2:11-12).  So in a real sense, every church service is a homecoming for us, and we await the ultimate fulfillment of the present offered to us.
This family also extends across racial and ethnic lines (Galatians 3:26-29).  One of the other great joys our students get, is working with Russell Cave Church of Christ to put together Thanksgiving boxes for families in need in the Winburn community.  The feeling that comes with encountering someone who is different, and then finding joy in that difference is what really changes our hearts.
So this Christmas, let’s not just find “home” and “comfort” with those who are close to us, but let’s extend that hospitality to someone who isn’t like us.  That is precisely what God did for us in giving us Jesus.

~ Brad Haggard

Sermon outline, December 20, 2015, “The King of Kings”

The King of Kings

Revelation 19:11-16

Jesus guarantees Victory!

Jesus guarantees victory because of His attribute of Righteousness!

~ II Corinthians 5:10; Matthew 12:36-37; Romans 2:16

Jesus guarantees victory because of His attribute of Truth!

~ John 1:14: John 14:6

Jesus guarantees victory because of His attribute of Faithfulness!

~ I Corinthians 1:20

Jesus guarantees victory because of His attribute of Sovereignty!

~ Philippians 2:9-11

Jesus triumphed in His Battle!

Jesus triumphed as the Lamb of God.

~ Hebrews 9:14; I Peter 1:18-19

Jesus triumphs as the Word of God.

~ John 1:1; John 1:14; Colossians 2:9

Jesus conquers the Enemies!

Jesus conquers Satan!

~ Hebrews 2:14; Revelation 20:10

Jesus conquers Death!

~ I Corinthians 15:26; I Corinthians 15:51-57

Unto Us a Child is Born

As Christmas draws ever closer, many of us grow excited with anticipation.  Especially children.  Remember when Christmas used to be a magical time of the year?  I have great memories of Christmas as a child.  My parents spoiled me at Christmas.  As I’ve gotten older, I really enjoy Christmas with my own children.  I love going to church on Christmas Eve and being with them on Christmas morning, just spending time as a family.  But it can also bring financial stress, busyness, and other distractions that can take away from the true meaning.  In a way, I dread Christmas in a worldly sense, but what remains constant is the reason we celebrate in the first place.  I have to stop and remind myself of that often during this season.

Many of us have other stresses beyond just finances.  Some of us, throughout the year, have lost loved ones, or things have changed in our relationships and there is going to be the stinging reminder of an empty seat at the table.  I am praying for you.  Really, I am praying that you will be able to focus on Jesus throughout this season.  I pray that you will be reminded constantly that he is our source of hope.  I pray that our Lord provides you with blessings that take your attention away from the hurt, the pain, and the loss.  I’m going to need your prayers for the very same thing.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season filled with joy that comes from the promise of the person of Jesus Christ.  I hope you are blessed by time with family and friends.  Focus on Jesus and he will bring joy and peace.  He is, in fact, the Prince of Peace.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9:6

~ Mike Allen

Sermon outline, December 13, 2015, “The Sovereign King”

The Sovereign King

Matthew 2:1-12

Consider Prophecies for both Arrivals.

Consider Prophecies for the First Coming of Jesus!

~ Micah 5:2; Psalm 16:10

Consider Prophecies for the Second Coming of Jesus!

~ Matthew 24:29-31

Consider the Phenomena that accompany both Arrivals.

Consider the Phenomenon that accompanied the First Coming of Jesus.

~ John 1:4-5; John 8:12

Consider the Phenomena that will accompany the Second Coming of Jesus.

~ Matthew 24:29-31

Consider the Responses to both Arrivals.

One similar response to both of His arrivals is Distress!

~ Revelation 6:16-17

One similar response to both of His arrivals is Worship!

~ Philippians 2:9-11

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