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Our two-hour drive began on pavement which turned into a bumpy dirt road with deep ruts carved out by downpours in the rainy season here in Malawi. The dirt road turned into a footpath signaling the edge of the village of Kutobah, our destination where I would provide Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training at the Namikango Mission, a Bible school.

With hundreds of churches now planted in Malawi and Mozambique by Namikango students who “went forth,” the mission continues to grow. Today, they operate a maternity clinic and a primary school. Believing the church to be God’s chosen vessel to bring restoration to a fallen world, Namikango desires to begin an outreach ministry within those communities where churches are planted. CHE is the strategy they have chosen to do such! It was my joy to take the Namikango Mission staff and missionaries through an intensive 3 weeks of CHE training to equip them for holistic development.

The final week in Malawi was spent in talking with staff members and missionaries, visiting the maternity clinic, and discussing potential ways to improve medical care. We also considered medicinal and income-generating artemisia, eucalyptus, coffee, and macadamia nut trees to be planted on the mission grounds. We discussed possible microenterprise endeavors for participants of future Village Savings and Loans groups … offering hope in the midst of poverty.

And all of this took place because of faithful prayer warriors and financial supporters. YOU! I look forward to seeing how God will use this time of “pouring into” our Malawian brothers and sisters. Join me in lifting this past month of ministry before His throne … that He would nurture, grow, and multiply.

Judy Fish

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