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Thankful for Family

When the month of November arrives, our thoughts begin to migrate toward the Thanksgiving Holiday. I appreciate each of the holidays. Thanksgiving ranks right at the top of my favorites because it is very simple and because it provides a great opportunity for our family to be together.
When I was growing up, our family always worked on the farm on Thanksgiving Day. We were out of school for the holiday, and Dad & Mom were excited there were more hands to accomplish more work. And since we were working on the farm, the Thanksgiving Holiday was pretty much just like any other day of the year, except we were out of school. As I reflect back on those days during my childhood, I realize that working together as a family so much of the time really helped us to become a very close family. Those close family ties strengthen us as we experience difficult times and bless us as we celebrate good times. Even though our family is larger now, meaning more schedules to coordinate, those strong and close family ties bring us together. I am very grateful for a close and loving family.
I am also very thankful for a very close church family here at Tates Creek. As we worship together each Lord’s day, meet in our Sunday school classes and small groups, serve alongside each other, walk through difficult times, and celebrate joyous occasions, we cultivate and build strong Christian relationships in our Tates Creek Church family. Zella and I are very thankful for each of you ~ your prayers, your encouragement, your support, and your love. We are very blessed to serve with each of you!
I am most thankful for our Lord Jesus Christ! Paul writes in
II Corinthians 9:15, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” Jesus is an indescribable gift! Through Him we receive the precious gift of the forgiveness of all our sins! Through Him we receive the great gift of the Holy Spirit! Through Him we receive the anticipated promise of eternal life in the presence of God the Father and Jesus Christ! Through Him we experience the fellowship of the church! Through Him we experience immeasurable grace, unfailing love, peace, joy, and hope. Through Jesus we receive purpose for life! Through Jesus we receive opportunities to serve one another and to serve people who have not yet come to Jesus! Our Heavenly Father is very good to each of us!

Tommy Simpson

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