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Sin & Grace, Simplified

When dealing with the preschoolers, we usually don’t go into dramatic detail when it comes to the more serious things in the Bible. For example: Potiphar’s wife wanted to “kiss” Joseph. Sixth Commandment—Don’t hurt people. It’s all in how you word things, and making sure to get the point across for their young minds without missing the point. Teaching a child about sin, and the grace we are given when we do sin, seems easy enough, right? Kind of. First, you have to tell a child that everyone does bad things. Yikes! I’ve just told a 3 year old that even their parents do things that aren’t good?! Yep. We also then get to explain how that’s possible…. because Jesus died for us he took away our sin.
Then, you tell them that no matter what, God is going to forgive them, because he loves them. “Great, so I can keep doing things that may not be very good (like obeying mom and dad) because God will forgive me!” Well, no. To really teach a child about grace, you have to explain that all of us do things that make God (and parents!) sad. But when we are truly sorry for the things that we have done, and we ask for those things to be forgiven, it will happen. This is all because of the sacrifice Jesus gave for all of us, and because He loves us!

Lesley Tipton

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