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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “We Hold These Truths”? You think of the good old U.S.A. right? The Declaration of Independence? For me, it gives a patriotic feeling. A sense of pride in my country and what it stands for. Or at least, what it once stood for…
As we dive into a new series called “We Hold These Truths”, we are going to be talking about some tough and controversial subjects like marriage, divorce, homosexuality, racism, abortion, sin, and grace. In my mind, some of these have a profound affect on families here in the United States, and in turn, our society as a whole.
As we all know, the breakdown of the family in America has been the catalyst for many problems in our nation. Broken marriages, fatherless homes, and lack of priority on the family unit has passed hurt, bad habits, and ignorance of what the family should look like, on to successive generations. This, over time, has changed our value system when it comes to family.
What we as Christians should focus on, even more than what our forefathers believed about family, is what the Bible says about family. What does the Bible say to husbands and wives and how they are supposed to treat each other? What does it say about the relationship between children and parents? What does it say about being a CHILD of God? I think these are some really important questions that we should individually explore as we go through this series together. Doing so will help us better understand how these topics affect our families and our society at large. Doing so will also help us have a higher perspective, a Godly perspective, when we hear or see things through various media outlets that just confirm our nation is moving further and further away from God.
Let’s all be in prayer for families this month. Especially the families within our church. We need strong families to have a strong church. What can you do this month to encourage another family in our church?

Mike Allen

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