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Grounded in Truth

When I was growing up I remember my mother was a tremendous personal evangelist. She was always trying to give the Word of God to those living in our neighborhood who didn’t know Jesus. She had far more failures than successes in her efforts, but I can think of three families who came to the Lord by her efforts in the various neighborhoods where we lived. The Houlton family is one of those three. It seems to me that there were seven kids in the family and my mother saw that as a whitened field ready unto harvest. The Houltons, via my mother’s efforts, came to know Jesus, and I have no doubt the family was changed for the better. I ran into Debbie Houlton, who was my age, at a high school reunion several years ago and she was still walking with the Lord and raising her own family in the Lord. That was one of my mother’s successes.
One of the failures she experienced was a neighbor family who rejected her premise that they needed the Lord. He was a scientist who completely rejected the Bible and the concept of God. Truth, as far as he was concerned, was what could be verified in a test tube or on a microscope slide. The last word I had on that family was when my mother called to tell me their son, who was also my age, shot and killed himself.
Now these are simply anecdotal evidences, but I have no doubt that those families who are centered on the Word of God have a much better chance of a positive outcome than those who reject God’s Word. Anecdotal evidence is seen in our public schools. Look at the state of our public schools and one could chart the beginning of their downward spiral to the efforts of athiests who insisted God or His Word had no place in the public school. Look too at the state of our culture. Again its downward spiral and the acceleration of that spiral is directly proportional to the growing hostility our culture has to God’s Word. We have far more than just anecdotal evidence though, we also have historical evidence in the nation of Israel. When Israel was obedient to God and His word they flourished. When they weren’t they floundered.
Do you want your family to flourish? Then ground them in the word of truth. The evidence clearly points to that being your best hope in producing a positive outcome.

Kim Beckwith

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