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Truth About Marriage – Genesis 2:23-25

“Marriage” – what image does that word bring to your mind?

A young couple in love walking down an isle hand in hand after a wedding. An old couple sitting together just looking at each other because they already know what the other is thinking. Or do you see a recent widow / widower standing beside a casket reminiscing memories with great friends. Actually I hope you think of each of these, plus many more positive images when the word marriage is spoken.

A Christian marriage is comprised of these, plus many more. God planned for a man and woman to leave their family and become one for life. This means learning tough life lessons as a young couple, raising a family in the Church and in the Word, growing old together and as life on this earth draws to an end, providing support for our spouse until the last breath. All of these experiences together as a couple should leave us with a life full of memories. As a Christian there is more joy left, because thanks to Christ’s death on the cross, our time together can continue in heaven with those we have loved on this planet.

There is so much in the news these days regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling, issuance of marriage certificates, legal definition of marriage by the differing levels of our legislative bodies of government, and other variations of “man’s rules” surrounding the word “marriage”. Let us remember that none of these are important to God. He defined a biblical marriage for us many years ago in the Bible and that is the definition Christians should follow.
Christian marriage is not a single instant in time when a simple certificate is issued containing two individuals’ names, but marriage is a lifetime commitment of love between a man and woman that is a lifelong example of love for each other and a constant walk together with like goals and love for our Christ.

Larry Bugg

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