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A New Generation

A new generation of “warriors” for God is emerging!  In the past several years we have focused our church planting efforts among adults…training leaders to evangelize, disciple and multiply cell groups.  But during all that time we have seen a great need among the youth and children.  We just kept thinking, “if we can just reach them young enough we can save them from the disastrous life choices made by those who have gone before them.”  But some of the “normal” ways of doing youth ministry and children’s ministry didn’t seem to be making the impact we had hoped.  So we prayed, and we asked God for HIS help and guidance in this area and to send us someone to focus on this vital ministry.  God answered us in a big way!

First, he sent us a young man from Argentina (Juan David, 22 years old) who committed to come for a year (but has now committed to come back for a longer term) and help establish a specific ministry among 12-17 year olds that challenges them in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and even church planting.  It has been amazing to see the growth in the lives of the youth.  We are not just providing a place to “keep them off the streets,” but we are now sending them TO the streets as evangelists.  They are discipling and encouraging each other to live in radical commitment to JESUS.

As we saw the results among the youth, we were also praying for the children.  Our yearly VBS has been a major outreach event in the community.  But year after year we saw the same children come and felt like the message (though planted) was not growing in their hearts to make a lasting change in their lives and situations.  So we asked Juan David if there was a ministry (similar to the youth ministry) that had major impact in the lives of children.  He arranged for another young man from Argentina (Nehemias, 18 years old!) to come for the summer to help us radically change our VBS and our children’s ministry.  The impact, thus far, has been amazing!

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in the ministry!

Greg and Vicki Syverson

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