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God’s Stories are True

Every week when we do our teaching during ‘Jesus in the Park’ we start our lesson time by holding up our Children’s Bible.  “What is this?” We ask the children.  “Bible!”  They shout back enthusiastically.  “Whose stories are in here?”  We ask.  “God’s!” (Jesus is thrown out with fervor as well).  Lastly, “What are God’s stories?” “True!!”  We then go on to talk to the children about the different people who have listened to God in these stories, and those who haven’t.  What happened to them, both good and bad.  We teach this because we have these stories, we know that Jesus loves us, and that wherever we go we are protected by His love.

I know, as adults, we learn more from the words in the Bible than just the “simple” stories.  We can read between the lines to figure out what the  main point might be, and we understand the parables that Jesus spoke.  But we as adults forget the main point.  All of the words are true.  We are to follow them and use them as our guide (2 Timothy 3:16).  We are to obey the words given to us.  We are living in a world right now that is making up right and wrong as it goes, and we must hold fast to those words that we know are true.  God is the Father, and the way to the Father is through the Son (John 14:6).

Lesley Tipton

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