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When you think about the Church, what do you picture in your mind?  More importantly, when you read about the first century church in the Bible, does today’s church model the same characteristics of the Church that Jesus Christ gave His life for?  The early church was willing to risk everything to spread the gospel message to an unfriendly and hostile world.  They sacrificed of themselves for the good of others.  They were so bold in their faith in Jesus Christ and in their love for others that the scriptures say they “enjoyed the favor of all the people.  And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”  In other words, people took notice of the church, they liked what they saw, and they wanted to be a part of God’s family.

Recently, our class concluded a lesson series on the Church entitled, “I See a Church”.  The lessons addressed the characteristics of the early church.  The first lesson reminded us that the church was created for God’s people to be together for support and encouragement, and we have been placed in our church for a reason.  (Ephesians 2:19-22).  Secondly, the church is a place where we should experience the power and presence of God.  Acts 2:43 says that “Everyone was filled with awe…”  Do we stand in awe in God’s presence and marvel as He demonstrates His power?

Next, we learned that the Church must grow smaller as we grow larger.  The church is commanded to grow but in growing larger, we must connect with people in a way that they feel welcomed, wanted and that they belong.  Do you eagerly welcome new people into your hearts and fellowship?

The last three points of the lesson series deal with our attitude as a church.  The church must be built on the sacrifices of many not just the gifts of a few.  The church must care as much about those who will be as those who already are.  And lastly, the church must honor the past but be willing to risk it all for the future.  Are we a self-centered church or a selfless church?  Are we willing to set aside our personal preferences in order to reach out to others that desperately need the Lord?  Are we willing to get out of our comfort zones and take bold chances in order to demonstrate Christ’s sacrificial love for those who don’t know him?  We are the Church of Jesus Christ, not the church of Danny Branham or Tommy Simpson or (insert your name) and when the church acts like the Church, then we are truly the Pillar and Foundation of Truth!

Danny Branham

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