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Yes, Jesus Loves Me!

Have you ever thought about how much doctrine you learned as a young child by the songs you sang with other children?  I think many times, we don’t think of theology when we think of children’s songs.  But, as I think back on some of those songs, I did learn a lot that I have carried with me to sustain me in my later adult years.  Because the melodies were so easy to sing, it also made the words easy to remember.  In fact, as an adult, I am amazed at how many songs and hymns I can still sing remembering the words to most of the stanzas.

There is one song we all remember as probably the very first song we sang at home or in Sunday School.  In fact, this song is still in most adult hymnals.  And, I find that adults still enjoy singing this song.  The song:  Jesus Loves Me.  And it is full of doctrine!  Let’s take a look at the words:

Jesus loves me!  This I know, for the Bible tells me so:  
Little ones to Him belong, they are weak, but He is strong.

Wow!  In that first stanza, we see the Truth in God’s Word.  He loves us!  That is the theme of all Scripture.  He loves us!  We are weak and need to submit to His authority as spelled out in the Word.

Jesus loves me!  He who died Heaven’s gate to open wide,
He will wash away my sin, Let His little child come in.

After another reminder that we are loved, the next stanza shows us that the Gate of Heaven is open wide to all who have had their sins washed away with the blood of Christ.  All are welcome in God’s Kingdom.

Jesus loves me!  He will stay close beside me all the way;
He’s prepared a home for me, and some day His face I’ll see.

In this final stanza we are reminded of God’s presence in our lives and that we will one day see His Face in the place He has promised for us.

Now I ask you, isn’t there a lot of Truth and doctrine in this simple song?  I believe that there is, without a lot of difficult language to interpret and with a melody that stays with you for life.  Now, before you put this magazine down, why not sing through the entire song and thank God for the words by Anna B. Warner and the music by William B. Bradbury that have brought us these simple truths that last a lifetime!

Don Seevers   

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