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The Fehls on Furlough

Every time we’ve come ‘home’ on furlough, we’ve been tired. But really, it’s more than being tired. It’s the feeling that you don’t have the energy to deal with even one more problem. Plus, something is missing. That “something” is a reservoir of rest and energy.

In September when we came home we were deep tired, and we had unanswered questions: “Where is the money going to come from for the Addis Ababa church and office that need to be built upon our return to Ethiopia?” “Where is Addison going to college?” “Will I enjoy teaching the spring semester at Cincinnati Christian University?” “Will we ever feel rested?”

But then, after a busy fall travel schedule and a successful financial appeal for our construction needs (we raised $70,000!), we hunkered down at CCU and fell into a rhythm that allowed us to rest. We homeschooled the kids, I taught twice a week at CCU, Addison decided to study Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, the kids got involved in the youth group, and Jen and I got to go bowling.

Then one morning in March, I realized I wasn’t tired any more. God had answered our prayers for refreshment. He had brought new life and energy back to our imaginations. He had renewed us and restored us.

After we take Addison to college in August, we’ll head back to Ethiopia for our fifth term. Our plans are to get busy orienting the Haley family (new to our team) and getting construction going on the Addis Ababa church and offices. Jen will refocus on homeschooling Mallory and Ethan while Darby attends the Bingham Mission School.

And surely, problems that we can’t foresee or imagine right now will arise to challenge us. But fresh from furlough, with a refilled reservoir of energy and faith, we’ll get through whatever comes.

Please praise God with us because He is Good and Gracious! Thank you for your continuing support of our family.

Adrian for all the Fehls

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