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Fervent Prayer – I Samuel 1

As far back as I can remember, I knew how to put my hands together and bow my head in prayer. I was first taught that simple prayer, “God is Great, God is Good…”. I can still remember the peacefulness I felt in my heart as I spoke those words. I didn’t understand what that feeling was, but I liked it, and it made me feel safe. I know now that it was the peace and Spirit of Jesus Christ in my heart. Even as a child, my simple prayers were heard. As I grew older, I found that I was learning to reach out to God in a more desperate and fervent way: pleading for miracles and healing, for direction in my life, and for the salvation of all of my loved ones.

I have come to understand that my prayer life each day brings a different prayer time with the Lord. Sometimes, I feel the need to be still and meditate with the Lord while letting his Spirit lead me. I sometimes feel the need to come to my knees and cry out to the Lord in desperation. Most days, I feel the need to be in a “constant prayer” with the Lord. Talking to Jesus throughout the day: in the car, at work, while doing chores around the house or even when I am still. I just let the Lord speak to me.
Ruth Graham once talked about the need to be in “constant prayer” with the Lord. She said as mothers and housewives, we are so busy throughout the day that we generally pray ‘on the hoof’. We want to do as Paul said “pray without ceasing”. However, we can’t possibly spend our days on our knees. We wouldn’t get anything done! So, we stay in prayer constantly throughout the day. This is what my prayer life has become – a daily conversation with Jesus.

We still whisper that simple prayer at our house, “God is Great, God is Good…”, and I know that God hears that prayer. I also know He hears our more urgent and desperate pleas as well. Each day we are faced with more and more challenges as Christians and only through prayer can we find comfort and peace knowing that God is still in control.

Laura Mullins

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