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When I was about ten years old my family moved from Madison, Indiana, to a small town about an hour north called Arlington. My father was the new Senior Minister of the Arlington Christian Church. We were all mostly excited about the new possibilities in front of us, but when we moved from Madison we had to leave our horses back on our farm and hope that God would allow us to find land in our new town to eventually bring them too. We had a neighbor that was going to care for the horses while we were away so we were at peace with leaving them. We found a piece of land and contacted the owner about purchasing, but this was not an option. Then, one day a bus driver called us from Madison and told us that our neighbor hadn’t been feeding the animals. We reached out to some new friends in Arlington and made fast plans to relocate the horses to a small property. A few months later, we had to have a hard conversation as a family. We needed God to provide land for our horses that was affordable for our family. That night we gathered together as a family and decided to put our requests before God with a fleece. Our fleece– “Lord, please provide land for our horses by tomorrow OR we will begin selling our horses and follow the new direction you have for us.” The result– the next day we were contacted by the gentleman we had contacted earlier about the land. He offered us the land at half the price.
I am pretty sure I could fill this entire newsletter with stories like that of times we have taken our needs and requests to God and watched him provide in incredible ways. My sister-in-law learned she was very sick so we prayed for healing. We prayed as a family and the next day she was healed. Terah and I felt led to adopt, but we couldn’t afford it on one income. We prayed and God took us on an incredible journey for 3 1/2 years, raising nearly $50,000 all outside of our income. Throughout my life these stories have become my testimony.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6
In children’s ministry, I have been richly blessed to hear the hearts of children through their prayers. A few years ago, I started keeping all of the children’s prayer requests on Sundays. Some of them were heartbreaking as they asked God to make their dads play with them more or for their loved ones to be safe in heaven. Others, I didn’t know how to guide them through as they asked God for new siblings when their parents were definitely not in agreement.
So, here’s my question of the day. When you are in need of an answer, direction for your life, peace in the Spirit, or unity in your family, who do you turn to for answers? I choose to turn to the one I have seen do amazing things and let Him write my story!

Matt Lee

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