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Holy Spirit ‘Em’powering

The story in Acts that children find extremely interesting is when the disciples received the tongues of fire on them and they began speaking in all sorts of different languages to those around them.
The fire part seems to be the “hot” topic. . .

This is one of the most well known stories of the Holy Spirit empowering those of the church. It was definitely very noticeable, and made a huge impact on both those who received it and those who heard their own language being spoken. However, the Holy Spirit does not always work in such a large way. God does not empower just ministers with the Holy Spirit. He does not only use those who are well known in the church, such as elders or deacons. He uses each person and as long as they are willing, He will never lead you into something without making sure you are fully equipped for the job.

Lesley Tipton

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