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Holy Spirit Power

I have grown up in the generation when the Holy Spirit was a controversial subject in the church. During my college years at the Christian College I went to, I experienced this controversy for the first time in earnest as one of the college professor’s daughters began to exhibit acts and attitudes which were outside the orthodox beliefs and practices of the churches associated with the Restoration Movement. The professor and his wife were put between a rock and a hard place as they were almost expected to distance themselves from their own daughter in order to protect their employment with the college. This was a time where if someone tapped their toes to the music they were seen as treading on thin ice. I have come to see in the years since then, this was simply an overreaction to a problem which even the Apostle Paul experienced and wrote about to the church at Corinth. That problem was the proper role and working of the Holy Spirit in the church. What we need to know, as the Apostle Paul knew, is the absolute essential role the Holy Spirit has in the church. It was the power which filled Peter on the day of Pentecost and allowed him to preach boldly. It was the power which fell upon the Apostles allowing them to all speak in languages which everyone present could understand. It was the power which pierced men’s hearts and transformed their lives to carry the gospel into all the world. We need that same power here today don’t we? But the question is, as Paul wrestled with it, how do we need it? It seems to me that we need the same boldness that Peter had as we confront a culture in an ever worsening state. We need the Holy Spirit’s power enabling us to communicate effectively the message that pierces men’s hearts and transform their lives. Yes, we need the power of the Holy Spirit in the church today but we do not need to ask for it to be manifested in some miraculous way. What we need to see is it being manifested in each and every one of our lives. You see, it is already in each one of us who have been baptized into Christ. It was then and there that we each one received that indwelling power. We’re never promised more of the Holy Spirit than we received so perhaps its time we begin to make use of the power already within us by stepping out of our comfort zone, like Peter did, and feel the boldness Peter felt. It is only then, we shall see the power like they saw on Pentecost. Brothers and sisters, the only controversy with that is, why haven’t we been doing so all along?

Kim Beckwith

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