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Living Through the Spirit

Recently, I asked the kids in Uptown to draw a picture of Jesus. I didn’t put any limits on their ideas, I just wanted to know what they thought Jesus looked like. To most of the kids, Jesus was a normal looking guy. He did wear a long, dress like outfit and more than likely had a long beard. In nearly every picture he was smiling. Some of the kids pictured him still on the cross. Others pictured him showing others love. A couple of the kids decided their picture of Jesus was Him in Heaven. In Heaven He is surrounded by rays of light with His arms open. These are the incredible thoughts of pure minded children and how they see Jesus, but Jesus did some truly unbelievable things while he walked and talked on this earth. Jesus told a blind man to see and he could see! He told a dead man to live and he lived! He commanded a tree to die and it died! JESUS CAME BACK TO LIFE!!!!
After His resurrection He took an ordinary group of people, called them disciples, and somehow they did many of the same things Jesus had done. Since those days Christians have been battling and trying to make sense of something we can’t comprehend. The power of Jesus was the Holy Spirit! The power of the disciples was the Holy Spirit! The power of the church is the Holy Spirit! The power of our ability to change Lexington, to lead others to the feet of Jesus, to reach out and love the poor is THE HOLY SPIRIT!
To be honest I tried really hard to do life without the Holy Spirit, because I thought I was supposed to. I grew up in the church, but every time we talked about eternity the message somehow always stopped at Jesus. As a young preacher’s kid, I watched many leaders put a cap on the Holy Spirit when it required them to become uncomfortable. Through college I felt God’s presence and His leading through the Spirit, but I really didn’t want to listen. I had been in children’s ministry for nearly 5 years full time and I was struggling with doubt. I asked myself, “Do I believe that God is still God? Do I believe that He is still capable of doing everything He did in the Bible?” First, I asked for forgiveness for doubting. Second, I thanked God for being so faithful in my life. Third, I asked God to show me how to trust in Him and His power. That’s when He introduced me AGAIN personally to the Holy Spirit and it changed my walk dramatically! Every day I learn the Holy Spirit gives life and fills us so full that He pours out to others through us. He is Jesus’ power and mine too! I literally can’t do anything without Him and I really don’t want to try to anymore either! If your walk is powerless– let me introduce you to the Holy Spirit! I have some crazy stories I would love to share with you!

Matt Lee

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