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Spiritual Formation

During a series on listening to the Holy Spirit’s call in our lives, our high school students were challenged to see the Spirit’s role in our day to day lives. In fact, if we don’t listen to the Spirit when He is prompting us to listen in the little decisions of our day to day life, how can we expect to listen to him in life-changing decisions such as college, career, or marriage?

To illustrate this, each student was given a lump of Play Do and asked to form a dog out of the Play Do. To spice it up, I made it a competition where the small group that did the best would receive donuts the next week. The groups quickly got to work, with their fingers and thumbs moving feverishly to finish their puppy.

During the exercise, it occurred to me that each little push of the students’ fingers and thumbs were like the Spirit’s nudges on our hearts and minds. It isn’t in the spectacular events where our spirits are molded to be more like Jesus, but rather we are formed little by little through the Spirit’s gentle nudges on our lives. And when you look back over your life, you can see those nudges on your spirit just like the finger and thumb prints were apparent in the sculptures.

But one other thing that happened is a number of students complained to me that they weren’t able to work with their Play Do because it was too dry and clumpy. No matter how much they tried to work with it, nothing could be formed. The dogs wound up looking de-formed! This served as the warning for the day, that if we don’t listen to the Spirit and resist his nudges on our lives consistently, then we won’t allow him to make us into the image of Jesus. We will miss out on the great moves of the Spirit because we rejected him long ago in our personal lives.

Brad Haggard

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