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Pachuca Trip Report

In March, eight church members participated in a 10 day mission trip to Pachuca, Mexico, to work with two missionary teams that are supported by Tates Creek. The team included Tommy and Zella Simpson, David and Vickie Cole, Millie Hamilton, Mike Allen, Isabella Mando, and me. Pachuca is a very densely populated city of 1.5 million people located in a high-dessert region at 8,000 feet above sea level. The city is largely un-churched. The first two days were spent with Greg and Vicki Syverson, who helped start New Life Christian Church. The church is located in the hills above the city in one of the poorest neighborhoods. Just six months ago, the congregation moved into an auditorium. Our work project at New Life included painting several walls in the recently completed auditorium. Tommy Simpson preached through the assistance of an interpreter on the first Sunday of our trip to over 200 in attendance. Sadly, a very strong thunderstorm struck the city just two days later depositing several inches of hail in minutes. The weight of the hail caused the roof of the new auditorium to collapse. The church is in the process of determining how it will replace the roof.
For the duration of our mission trip we worked with the Jubilee Christian Church. Tates Creek supports missionaries Sergio and Holly Alverado, who work with national ministers at the church. The mission team’s work project involved construction at the congregation’s new church building. The mission team befriended and became particularly attached to several of the construction workers during our stay, many of whom joined us at worship the following Sunday. Several on the team were involved in teaching and preaching: Zella Simpson taught at a women’s conference, Mike Allen spoke at a youth conference and played guitar with the worship band, and Tommy Simpson spoke at a men’s leadership conference and at Jubilee’s anniversary celebration.
While in Pachuca, the team visited the minister and staff of New Hope Christian Church. Alejo and Lupita Carillo (Ali Haggard’s parents) are part of the national missionaries that helped start New Hope, which has grown to over 400 members and is self-supporting. Tates Creek has steadfastly supported the missionary efforts in Pachuca for over a decade and the fruits of that support were apparent in every congregation. We are excited to report that the churches are planning to start a fourth congregation in the near future. On behalf of the mission team, I want to thank you for your prayers and allowing us to go on this mission trip. We witnessed how the financial support Tates Creek provides is helping to fulfill the great commission in Pachuca.

Stan Stack

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