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Evangelism Through Service – Luke 8:26-39

I think we would all agree that Evangelism is essential to the growth of God’s Kingdom. We all know how important it is and we know that it is our calling to help in this effort. Then why is it when we hear the word, we sometimes get a little uncomfortable?
I think it is because some of us aren’t comfortable expressing our faith openly to others and feel inadequate to do it the right way. That feeling of inadequacy leads to fear and as humans, our natural instinct is to avoid things we are uncomfortable with or fear.
Fortunately, we have a Heavenly Father that understands this and provides a solution. He knows we all have different gifts and, in His wisdom, has provided more than one way to spread his message. He has even made it as easy as simply serving others. Even I can do that! I have certainly had enough examples of how to do it through the years.
I have seen my dad take candy to those in nursing homes and befriend homeless men that can’t wait to see him each time they visit. I have watched my mom make call after call to others on the concern list and struggle to scratch out cards of encouragement despite paralysis from her own illness.
I have seen the people of Tates Creek go on mission trips, visit prisons, mentor kids, visit shut-ins, prepare beds and meals for the homeless, provide for a family in need, reach out to those hurting, build ramps, shovel snow, and do so many other things, many of which go unnoticed except to those they have touched.
We all have a Lord and Savior who showed us how to do this with everything He said and did.
I don’t know about you, but i really don’t have an excuse. Sure, life is busy and we have our own hurdles to get over, but there are just too many people, outside and within our church, who need to be introduced to or reminded of God’s grace. Who better to do that than a blessed bunch of folks like us?
Afterall, He has made it pretty easy, one caring expression at a time.

Chris Lee

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