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Limieros in Tanzania

Because we have four children we are well familiar with the famous words from Dr. Seuss’ book, Horton Hears a Who. “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” As I’ve pondered this article regarding our family’s life in Tanzania, I want to modify Seuss’ words to read, “A family of God is a family of God, no matter where they are.”

Life in Arusha, Tanzania, is similar to life in America. Our two oldest kids, Caeden and Reeghan, attend a small Christian School in town. We load up backpacks, pile into the car, and talk with other parents as we drop the kids off.

I strive to meet job expectations, handle difficult staff situations, manage finances, and survive business travel. My wife, Doretha, manages the roles of wife and mother with the same ups and downs moms face in any nation on earth.

In these ways, we are no different than any other family of God on earth. At least, we shouldn’t be. You see, a family of God should live in the context of the ministry of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our location shouldn’t change that at all.

Because ministry is my career, my whole family can accompany me to a village for a week of camping and teaching. When families come to Arusha to attend our three month Church Planter Training, we live with them. We eat, worship, play, and pray with the students and their families.

Does this have to be something only a missionary family in Tanzania gets to experience? Of course not! While your family may not go to the office with you, don’t let this one distinction stop you from being a deliberate 24-7 family of God. Choose to serve your neighbors as a family. Pray for co-workers, classmates, and teachers as a family. Serve in the ministry of TCCC as greeters, nursery workers, or “servant-cleaners” together with your kids. Skip a meal out, give up satellite TV, or something special and give that money to God. Then, whether in Lexington or Arusha, we’ll discover that “a family of God is a family of God no matter where they are.”

Steve & Doretha Limiero
Caeden, Reeghan, Andwynne, and Rowan

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