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I Believe…

I believe in the power of prayer. I have often asked for prayer for family members and for others.
In January 2014, after a two year battle with Leukemia, my cousin, Dennis went home to be with Jesus. Many of you prayed for him. He believed in prayer and told me thanks for praying and also thanks to my church family and the Deborah Circle for praying.

In April 2014, my brother suffered a broken hip and a fractured vertebrate in his back after a fall at his home. I requested prayer for him and again, many of you prayed. He died unexpectedly during surgery on Good Friday. When we learned what was happening in the surgical room, we prayed. We were surrounded by Christian friends that loved, supported, and prayed for us that day. Over the last few months, we have felt the prayers of many people who continue to lift us up in prayer. I can tell you that my family and I cannot get through each day without prayer. God hears those prayers and He has given us comfort and strength.

We are given opportunities here at Tates Creek to pray for others. There are prayer request sheets at the Welcome Center each Sunday. Our Sunday School class and Deborah Circle take prayer requests each time we meet. You can make a big difference in someone’s life by simply saying a prayer for them whether or not you know them personally. God knows them and He hears our prayers for each other.

Debbie Back

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