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Jesus is LIFE!

When was the first time you really understood that Jesus is LIFE? That time your cup was so full of love and grace that it poured onto everyone you came into contact with. Maybe it was at your baptism when you realized that you were no longer dead in your sin, but alive. For some people it was when they experienced God’s power in an amazing way with their child’s health. It could have been when you were nearly killed in an accident, but God’s protection saved you. When you are alive and realize that Jesus is the life, you are different. Suddenly you start living with a purpose. You understand that coming to the well of Christ is the place you never want to leave again. It’s the time you just want to dance uninhibited.
In my life I have experienced several of these events. I remember the first time it really hit me. I was on a mission trip to Honduras (my first one). I didn’t know anyone and I had kind of tried to outrun God. I knew I needed to be drawn close to him and I longed to have Him near me. One of the locals explained that at the top of one of the mountains you could see for at least 12 miles. The next morning I left the camp early and hiked to the top of the mountain peak. On the mountain something changed. I couldn’t help but worship and sing at the top of my lungs. When I returned to camp one of the team members had also gotten up early and soon realized it was me singing. She asked me if she could go with me the next day, and I agreed. By the time we made it through the week long trip the entire team was up early for our adventure with God and hiking to the top of the mountain for worship.
The next time I remember it was during our ministry in Indiana. During the week of Vacation Bible School we had challenged the children to raise $8,000 for clean water in Liberia. Through the week the kids had raised nearly $4,600. I couldn’t imagine standing in front of the kids and telling them they had been faithful with their small things and God didn’t show up to do something big. So I prayed! Then, I sent out messages and called everyone I could. I truly believed that God was going to blow us away on our last night… and HE DID! That night just over $3,600 was given!
Once you have experienced that Jesus is the LIFE, it becomes addicting. You pray for others to see it too. You ask God to allow them to be overwhelmed by the grace they have been given through Jesus. In fact, when Jesus brings you back to life, you want nothing to do with being dead. Is it time for you to take a step of faith, to love like Jesus, or to get WAY out of your comfort zone? I was desperate to be alive, and I would do anything I could to not die. Especially knowing that Jesus was offering LIFE!

Matt Lee

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