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Lost…and Found

Traveling in the right direction has sometimes been a challenge for me. Several times I have been driving and missed my turn. Other times I simply didn’t use the directions I had with me. Still other times I didn’t even take directions. Allow me to share my stories with you.

The first story about losing my way happened when I was in middle school. A friend and I wanted to stay after school to go for a run. My friend wanted to stay to actually exercise. I, of course, wanted to stay so I could run over to see a girl and call it running. We received the permission needed to stay after, went for a run, stayed a little too long at the girl’s house (her fault), and returned back to school to catch our ride. When we arrived, though, my older brothers weren’t around. I looked everywhere for them before calling home to ask for help. My mom answered (excited I was alive, but not so excited I was late) and informed me my brothers were already home. She followed with simple directions “start running home” and then hung up. HOME WAS 7 MILES AWAY! I knew I was in trouble and for a variety of reasons decided to take a route through the country. Being a trained Boy Scout I followed the North Star (to go East). It didn’t end well and 2.5 hours later my run ended being chased by a friend’s dog in the dark. I called home again and this time my mom said, “Stay there! Before we call for another police search, we will come get you!”

The second story isn’t nearly as funny, but don’t judge me. It was the day after Terah and I were united in marriage. Our honeymoon journey would take us to Myrtle Beach for an amazing week away! However, when we started our journey we quickly learned that I hadn’t packed a map or printed off any directions. I knew it was southeast of where we were so I convinced Terah to trust me. We drove straight to the beach and arrived at 1 am. Terah was asleep so she didn’t know how many times we drove the same road looking for the hotel. It was then I learned there is a difference between North Myrtle Beach, where we were supposed to be, and Myrtle Beach.

The truth in both stories– none of us can find our way! We are all lost without Jesus! We all might have different strategies, but there is only ONE WAY to where we all want to go. When Jesus was preparing to die for all of us, He sat down with his disciples to comfort them. He wanted them to know something really important and He needed them to listen. He said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”- John 14:6

Matt Lee

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