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Not Ashamed

Many years ago, as I was doing graduate level studies, I went to a university in Kansas to take a graduate level course in order to complete my Master’s degree. The university administration told me that I needed to be “adopted” by a graduate department at the university in order to be allowed to take any courses at that level. Thinking the natural department to be adopted by would be the school of religion, I approached the department head with my request. Once I was in his office I quickly found I was in the wrong place. Covering his bookshelves were books on every major religion and what seemed to be an over-abundance on Taoism. What I found lacking were books on Christianity and particularly the Bible. Along with that, I was quickly informed that my prior education was not up to par with the expectations of his department. Now, as I was immediately adopted by another department at the same university, I had to conclude that my transcripts were not what was lacking in this man’s requirements. It was instead his assumption that my Christian education was insufficient. I remember the words of the Apostle Paul coming to mind as I left his office; “professing to be wise they have become fools.

Brothers and Sisters, we live in a culture that increasingly thinks we are ignorant because we believe in the Gospel, the simple truth that Jesus is the way, the only way, to the Father. Just as that professor attempted to malign my Christian education, there are those who would cast a disparaging eye toward us in this culture because we believe that simple truth. Well, I will tell you that I never lost an ounce of confidence then, and those disparaging looks still don’t shake me in the least. Again, like the Apostle Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes….” (Romans 1:16)

The words of a favorite song of mine tell my story.

Jesus died to take my sins away.
I can still remember when, He changed my life way back then,
and the cross is just as real to me today.
I still believe in the power of the blood Jesus shed on Mt. Calvary.
I still hold to the hope that He’s gone to prepare a dwelling place for me.
I still cling to the promise that there is still forgiveness for the lost.
I still hold, I still hope, I still cling to the old rugged cross.

Tell me, is that your story too?

Kim Beckwith

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