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Finding Our Way

I have enjoyed a pretty good sense of direction for most of my life. In fact, sometimes if time is not a factor, I will get off of the interstate highways and travel along old state and national routes to my destination. One can really enjoy the local “flavor” that way. AND, I love reading maps. I recently purchased a new 2014 road atlas from AAA to keep in the trunk of my car. Now, I do own a smartphone with a “map app” and use it often to locate a place of business or a potential route, but trying to get a look at “the big picture” is difficult on that small screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and the ways in which it can make our lives easier and more efficient, but I really enjoy seeing the entire route on a big map. Just think how long it took to prepare these maps before our current methods. I should note that I do not enjoy folding maps…who does…but an atlas is a great way to organize maps in one big book.

Of course, GPS (global positioning system) is amazing technology via our sophisticated satellite systems. But as we have seen on TV, it is not perfect. Turning right rather than “bearing” right could land one in a lake! I remember being in Cincinnati with a friend a few years ago and we were using his GPS system. We had already missed one turn and ended up in a “not so nice” neighborhood and when looking for a restaurant downtown, the GPS said to follow a certain route when I blurted out, “I don’t care what the GPS says, turn left here. The restaurant is right over there!”

And, who doesn’t use Google Maps or MapQuest to print out directions to find our way to a new place we want to explore?

I find getting around in Lexington a challenge, as many do, since several streets go in various directions and change names. But as we live here longer, we learn our way around town.

It is important for us to be able to find our way in life, too! So many are lost and going in the wrong direction. Sometimes, we are trusting the directions given to us by people who deliberately lead us in the wrong way. The Scriptures point us to Christ. We will never be lost if our compass is pointing to Him and we follow His directions. I find it interesting that the early Church was referred to as, “The Way”. (Acts 9:2)

Don Seevers

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