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Message from the Fehls

We have to start this article by saying, “THANK YOU!” As we are “home” in America this year, yet displaced from our “home” in Ethiopia, you have blessed us. Thank you for the mission house that you have extended to us during the month of December. Thank you for the warm welcome and feast you brought to us our first night in town. Thank you for the Christmas tree and ornaments that were waiting for us so we could decorate and get into the holiday spirit! Thank you for the Christmas parties, meals, and extension of friendship that you offered. Thank you for the attention you gave us as we shared with you about Ethiopia, our teammates, and the ministry happening there.

We have been back in America for four months now. During the fall, we’ve been traveling to report to our supporting churches in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. During our travels, we’ve had lots of medical, dental, and various appointments. It’s been a very busy season, but we’re looking forward to some stability soon.

Starting in January, we’ll be the missionaries in residence at Cincinnati Christian University (CCU) for six months. We’ll resume our family home schooling, Adrian will teach a college class on World Religions, and we’ll spend some time with college students. It will be exciting for us to unpack and be settled (for the most part) for the remaining of our furlough time.

Our plan is to return to Ethiopia at the beginning of August. Our family will experience a huge change as we leave Addison here for college. Please pray for his college decision and this upcoming change for all of us. Please pray for all of our kids: Addison (17), Mallory (15), Darby (12), and Ethan (10) to make some friends while we are in Ohio for these months. We pray to find a good church for our family, where we can be involved with active youth groups and small groups.

The focus when we return to Ethiopia will be to build a church and an office complex in Addis Ababa, the capital city. Also, as our team continues to grow, we’ll have 3-4 new families to help orient and get established with language learning and ministry.

Thank you for your continued and faithful support of us and the whole team in Ethiopia. It’s great to know we have partners like you who pray, encourage, and support us in this work.

Adrian and Jennifer Fehl

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