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The Power of Prayer

A great new year is upon us and what a wonderful time to reflect on the many prayers that have been answered this past year and the many blessings we can look forward to this new year! This is also a great time to re-commit to your daily time with God in prayer. Find a quiet place to spend together….just you and God. It is a precious time to take all your needs to the Lord and meditate on how he is working in your heart. The Bible tells us to ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalms 46:10). Let God speak to you. If you are looking to find truth, God will reveal to you the truth that he has for your life, if you listen and hear. He will reveal to you the needs of others and opportunities to serve those in need.

Commit to keeping a prayer journal and writing down your prayer needs. As you pray and reflect back on those prayers, you can see the spirit of the Lord working as you pray and focus on your time with him. Encourage others by sharing the blessings of your prayers and ask others to pray with you. As you continue your prayer walk with the Lord, you will find that you look forward to your daily meeting with God and you will be amazed at how you begin to see so clearly God’s plan for your life day by day.

Our prayer team is here to support your prayer journey. Our prayer room in the foyer is available for all to come to bring their needs to the Lord. There is a member of the church who prays during each of the Sunday morning worship services. If you would like someone to pray with you, please meet them in the prayer room during one of the Sunday morning services. If you have a testimony about an answered prayer and would like to share it to encourage others, we would love to add it to our message.

Prayer Team

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