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Chuck & Brian are Making a Difference

What do a man that works for Toyota and a man that works for the United States Post Office have in common? In the case of Chuck Burress and Brian Long they have many things in common. They both are family men. They both have 2 daughters. They both love football. However, neither of them would have predicted they would have a passion to serve in one specific way. Both of these men are making a HUGE difference as leaders in the Kindergarten-1st grade Boys Sunday School class.
Chuck started serving earlier this fall as a new main leader of K1 boys. He wasn’t sure how well he would like it or if they would get along well. When Chuck and his family came to TCCC he first tried serving in the high school group since that’s where his sons were. He learned there that this wasn’t where he “fit” in service so when asked about trying the K1 boys he decided he would give it his best shot! In some ways he just jumped right in. The first few weeks were a little tricky as the boys tested him out as a leader and Chuck gauged how each boy was eager to learn. After about a month of being together though, Chuck figured out some secrets and the boys loved it when he just became himself. The result… Chuck loved it too!
Brian’s path was a little different. He started in the class as an assistant, but when there was a shortage one month he was asked to be a main leader. Brian wasn’t sure he was ready to lead, but knew God had something special for him. He agreed to lead and Chuck volunteered to assist him. From the sounds outside the door on Brian’s first Sunday leading though it was clear he had found his spot! The boys were laughing. They were connecting. The best part, because of Brian’s willingness to let God lead him… Brian was learning and laughing, too.
To say that as a children’s minister I am inspired by volunteers who “get” what we do in the elementary ministry would be an understatement. In fact, I LOVE IT! I love knowing that when Chuck and Brian are together something special is going to happen in the growth of the K1 Boys! God is using these two MEN to make a huge difference in the lives of 9 little boys!

Matt Lee

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