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Jesus…the Humble King

Many of us have heard and read the Christmas story from the Bible so many times that it almost, I did say ALMOST, has become cliché. With the commercialization of Christmas and the season surrounding it, it has become very easy to try to seek joy in material things rather than the wonderful gift that God gave in his son Jesus. Sometimes we struggle to find meaning around Christmas time outside of the meaning the world assigns to it this time of year. Well, maybe many of you have thought of this before, but I’d like to share something that has always stuck out to me about the story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. It is a very simple thing, but for me, it applies to much of my personal life. I’m talking about how God sent Jesus as a humble king. There wasn’t really pomp and circumstance or fanfare surrounding Jesus’ birth. He was born in a stable and found his bed atop the hay in a manger. Not quite the scene you would imagine for the Son of God! But doesn’t the scene surrounding Jesus’ birth tell us so much about him? When we look at his teachings about the first being the last and the last being the first, about being humble and being a servant, doesn’t the scene surrounding His birth resonate with those teachings that he gave later in his life? From the very beginning, even though for us IT IS all about JESUS, for Him, it was all about others.
I think about the way Jesus interacted with lost people throughout the gospels, and I see how His humility helped win them over. He spoke the truth, but He spoke it in LOVE. We need to be people who reflect the humility of Christ. When we speak to lost people, we need not speak to them as one who feels like we have all the answers or have it all together. We need to speak as those who were lost but now are found. As those who have been changed by the blood of the one who is far greater than us. As those who once found OURSELVES in a place of separation from God.
Maybe through this holiday season you will even come into contact with family members or close friends who do not yet find their hope in Jesus. This year, let’s not use our words on social media or in conversations to complain about how Christmas has lost its meaning. Instead, through our humility, our service, and our love for others, lets point people to the humble king, Jesus Christ!

Mike Allen

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