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The Greatest Story Ever Told Never Gets Old!

As Tates Creek quickly advances toward the Christmas season, adults and young people diligently prepare for the various musical, drama, and pagent-type presentations. While the participants take joy in sharing with the whole congregation, we tend to gravitate toward those programs which suit our particular preference or where we feel a family or friend obligation to be there. Unfortunately, many of our “saints” are unable to attend and cannot understand how others choose to avoid these programs altogether!

Beyond our desires to support our church family how do we, the audience, benefit from attending each one of these special services?

Through the eyes of children, we sense the gentleness and innocence of Christmas in its purest form, while from teens, we experience a fresh and hopeful perspective on God’s greatest gift. In the various vocal and orchestration messages from our adults, the glory and majesty capture our very souls while the candle-lit Christmas Eve services quietly prepare our hearts to welcome our Savior. By taking in all of our Christmas programs, you can experience the Christmas story in its completeness, having witnessed accounts from various perspectives and unique manner.

Some of my most treasured memories are centered around Christmas programs of the past. It is my desire that we will all find the benefit and blessing of attending our Christmas events, looking beyond a sense of obligation and allowing our hearts to be filled with the Greatest Story Ever Told!

Mary Brown

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