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“What If…” to “What Is!”

We are now started into our “What If…” campaign and as I was recently considering my own participation I was reminded of something I read some time ago. I reprint it here as I think it is appropriate and timely.

Tony Campolo, Christian speaker and author, tells of being a guest at a Christian Women’s Club. At the meeting, the president read an appeal letter from a missionary who needed $4,000 for an immediate need. After reading the heart-rending letter, the president said, “I’m going to ask our guest speaker, Mr. Campolo, to lead us in prayer that God will meet the need of this dear missionary. Brother Campolo, would you pray?”

He said, “No.” The president was stunned. (Campolo is the Don Rickles of the ministry – bold, abrasive.) “No, I won’t pray for God to meet the needs of this missionary. But I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give every dime of cash I have in my pockets and place it on the table. I’m asking each of you to do the same. If we don’t have $4,000, I’ll pray for God to meet their needs.”

“You have a point, Mr. Campolo. We should give sacrificially. We get the point, don’t we girls?” Again Mr. Campolo said, “No, I’m not just trying to make a point. I challenge you to give what you have now. No credit cards, no checks.” He then emptied his wallet.

Reluctantly, 300 women emptied their purses. The amount laid on the table was well over $4,000. Campolo said, “You see, we didn’t need to pray that God would provide the resources. It was already there. We just had to pray to let go.”

As we soon conclude our 40 days of prayer for our campaign we should consider the message that Women’s club received that day. If we do, and if we pray to let go, our “What If…” will no doubt become “What is!”

Kim Beckwith

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