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Thanksgiving…the Forgotten Holiday?

Recently I read a poignant post on Facebook regarding how many have seemed to skip over the Thanksgiving holiday to get on to Christmas. In fact, I posted recently that I feel like we are rushed into many seasons without taking time to enjoy them. Some examples include Christmas in July sales to get ready for the school year, Halloween (which I do not celebrate!) decorations out in late summer, Christmas decorations out in the big box stores by Labor Day, chrysanthemums out so early that the blooms are dead before October, and pushing Black Friday on the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, this is a limited list and I am sure that as you read this you could add several more of your own. Well, there is one more that becomes a big aggravation to most of us; political ads at least a year before an election!

As many of you know, I lived in Florida and Arizona for over 18 years and I think I may have made it home to Ohio for one Thanksgiving celebration during that time. So, that meant I celebrated that special day with friends and those I considered my family in the local churches I served. Often, I was invited to another home to spend time with my friends and their family members. One year, I had an idea to invite many of my friends who had no family in Florida to my house. My parents were there. I purchased all the food and my mother prepared it. Those on the guest list included another minister and his wife, my best friend and his wife, a single man in my choir, and a retired opera singer for whom I provided piano accompaniment in her master classes. Several did not know each other, but they became my family that day. We celebrated as family and what we shared together as God’s family. I encourage you to savor not only the food, but the fellowship that we often take for granted in our family, our church and our nation. We are truly blessed.

Don Seevers

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